Summer Movie Nights


a pair of red and white striped paper bags on a picnic table
a pair of red and white striped paper bags on a picnic table

Back when everyone's choice of what to watch relied on either paying for cable/satellite, renting a movie, or watching network TV, as the weather got warmer and May sweeps ended, some of the networks would air a blockbuster movie during the weekend. I don't remember what channels participated in this summer rite of passage, but I always tuned in.

Nowadays, there are more streaming services than I even care to have. Yet, despite the endless possibilities of what to watch, I can't help but think back to those summer movie nights. In the last few years, I've returned to the tradition of the summer movie. Each week, once the snow melts and the scent of spring is in the air, I get together with some of my closest friends to pick a movie from our list of favorites. Some movies we watch each year, like Spider-Man and Jurassic Park. Some movies we watch less often. But still, nothing gets me ready for longer nights and beach days more than these movie nights.

We started a little late this year, but we've already watched the first two Pirate of the Caribbean movies and Rush Hour.

What traditions do you have to bring in the summer months? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram.